Puppets and Costumes

Costumes are puppets operated from the inside.

Puppets (Costumes)

Flotsam & Jetsam

Drawn profiles (Affinity Photo)

Ostrich feathers

Teal opera gloves

White felt (tongue)

Brass brads (hinge)

Foam core board

White foam (teeth)


Telephone wire

Vacuum tube

Banded tulip seashell

Purple-gold leaf


Corrugated silver paper

3.5” glass lenses

Neoprene O rings

2 voice-output devices

16” cardboard box

Dash panels (Affinity Designer)

Silver duct tape

Yellow shirt

Silver marching band gloves

Foam and more foam (tracks)

Copper foil

Paint: yellow, silver, red, blk/wht

Aluminum tape

Black electrical tape

Clear peel-n-stick label paper

Other stuff


Drew my face as a polyhedral model. Covered with aluminum tape. Emphasized with black pin striping. Lined with peel-n-stick black felt. Earpieces of glasses hold it on. Added bits and bobs (LEDs, batteries, switches, stator winding, CPU, etm).


Extra long orange faux fur (hair)

Cardboard concrete form (head)

Pink luxe fleece, spray adhesive (skin)

Foam eggs and balls, ornament screws (eyes, nose)

Bamboo seamless socks (nose)

Peel-n-stick felt, red and black (mouth lining and pupils)

Microfiber gloves (hands)

Red tule (open mouth)

Clothing: black tie, green lab coat, Brooks Brothers green gingham shirt (micro check), Kidoriman plaid pants, red-and-white striped socks, brown-and-white saddle Oxfords


Papier màché (head)

Acrylic paint (skin)

Dry floral foam (nose, ears)

Microfiber gloves (hands)

Clothing: red knit tie, blue lab coat, blue shirt, black slacks, black socks, black boots

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