Just Stuff

These are miscellaneous materials that I either treasure, or just didn’t want to lose completely.

• • •

When I was a kid, my mom removed a portrait of a Japanese macaque from a volume of collected Life magazine photos, framing it for our bathroom. (She said it was like my dad.) The original appeared on the cover (January 30, 1970; Co Rentmeester) to herald an article entitled, “Snowbound Monkeys in a Hot Bath.”

• • •

The following phrase popped into my head the other day: ‘gently used diapers’.

Which reminds me of some good advice: never change the paper roll while the toilet lid is up.

• • •

Home sick today, and learned that the smallest weight ratio of brain to body across vertebrates is found in the bony-eared assfish.

• • •

Someone: “I could really use a cigarette.”

Me: “For what?”

• • •

Seems like I don’t have much that isn’t already curated elsewhere.

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